Reshaping Apparel to <br> Enhance Comfort
Reshaping Apparel to
Enhance Comfort

Thermal Molding

The Concept

Silueta’s Thermal Molding technology has enabled us to be the largest bra cup manufacturer in the region by adapting from the traditional thermal molding technology. We have been able to provide modern, innovative solutions to lingerie and sportswear market spaces.


Manufacturing Process


Through thermal molding, we can attain the necessary shape, flexibility and durability of the finished product. Bra cups are molded using polyurethane (PU) foam and non-PU which dominates the marketplace.


Our product specific computer aided designs are brought to life through Computer Numeric Controlled (CNC) cut molds. The 3D attributes of bra cups and other components are enabled through the combined efforts of our experts. Through thermal energy and pneumatic energy, the material is then deformed to fit the 3D shape.


Key Features

Enhance your figure with a subtle lift that offers you support and minimizes movement. This process enables us to implement various functional elements to apparel.

Providing a custom and comfortable fit with support, flexibility through a stretchable cup.

It minimizes volume and movement.

A sexy-look is achieved using shiny, shimmer, sheer satin or lace cups.

Cool and dry effect, ideal for lounge and athleisure.

Fabulously soft, subtle lift with brushed inners providing a next to skin experience.

Lift is provided, not through a push-up, but to give support. This is used in plus size cups to avoid sagging

A light, feathery fabric and spacers that are of a non-woven structure.

Invisible, infinity edge and a camouflage body for ultimate modesty. It prevents bulges and discharge in maternity bras.

The Catalogue
The Catalogue

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