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Injection Moulding

The Concept


Our patented technology, Injection Moulding produces dynamic, comfortable, customizable and protective products and solutions. The seamless 3D contouring adapts to the body’s curvature, thereby, allowing for free movement and is optimal for creating impacting protection garments.


From head to heel protection; you can avail from the maximum comfort and flexibility without compromising your performance. Our technology has been implemented for customers in the sports and wellness market spaces

Manufacturing Process

Injection Moulding is a process where liquid foam is injected directly into the fabric, making it a single unit as opposed to being stitched together; the mould is filled and then solidified rapidly.


Our environmentally friendly Injection Moulding machines operate under strict conditions, from humidity to parameter-controlled rooms to ensure unparalleled and productive outcomes.
Green technology by making the foam onsite, we are able to produce a greener product with less foam wastage and minimal logistical pollution.


Key Features



Protective padding that offers uttermost flexibility through multi-axis design, allowing natural contouring. This ensures total protection and unrestricted mobility even during the most strenuous physical activities.



Without compromising comfort, performance with robust protection can be achieved, providing player confidence. Our next to skin garments are made to withstand significant and repeated impact.



Unsightly seams are eliminated by directly incorporating the liquid foam into the fabric, ensuring the protective padding moves with the body. Also, this helps prevent chafing at the seams, when in motion.



Our patented process where liquid foam is directly injected into the fabric, making the fabric and foam a single unit allows for a better fit. The liquid foam takes the shape of the mould and solidifies, offering a more organic fit that adheres to the body’s natural curvature, allowing a custom made foam shapes to achieve better branding aesthetics.

The Catalogue
The Catalogue

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