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Silicone Application

The Concept


Silicone Application is the licensed technology that enables us to merge functional and aesthetic elements to create modern garments that are flexible and comfortable whilst providing you with the right support and power of freedom to move.


Our seamless lingerie, shapewear, athleisure, sportswear and protective gear have broken our sales records continuously thanks to the many collaborations our brands have signed with us for this novel technology and the special attributes it could offer.

Manufacturing Process

Our advanced machines deposit silicone into structured fabrics to create smart apparel solutions that compliment your body’s natural movements and curves. The Silicone Technology stems down to several other branches, of which the silicone flock technology is a spin-off. We also offer stretchable retroreflective technology, stretchable bonding and comfortable compression through muscle mapping.


Key Features

The grip is achieved when the silicone is in contact with the skin, and not the fabric. The silicone doesn’t have a smoothening effect.

Power regardless of body type is achieved through recovery. Silicone enhances the properties of the fabric to provide recovery.
Compression is both zonal and gradient, which assists while doing an activity and during recovery. Zonal compression is achieved wherever there is a silicone print, while gradient compression allows for varying levels of recovery.

Specialized flock application and bonding techniques, a soft hand feel that doesn’t irritate the skin can be achieved.

Different designs can be printed on the garment for branding.

Stretchable reflectivity through the application of glass beads.

Silicone technology allows for a clean-cut and smoother finish. The silicone penetrates the fabric as well as on the surface of the fabric, and seals the edges once it is cut, eliminating the need for stitched hems.

Special projects for example Conductive, Abrasion resistant and Gecko projects.


The Catalogue
The Catalogue

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