The Concept

The ability to apply stretchable retro-reflectivity to the garments satisfies aesthetics, safety and performance. The introduction of low-light visibility, branding and silicone through graduated or zonal compression assists the user before, during and after a workout.

    • Safety is achieved through silver and coloured reflectivity
    • Functional and aesthetically pleasing prints covering garments and components alike
    • Stretchable Compression
  • Clean cut finish

How it Works

Safety where stretchable reflectivity is attained through the application of reflective particles.


Safety with a flare of style – The application of coloured reflective particle technology found in this product introduces low-light visibility for safety as well as a stand-out aesthetic feature for workout gear.

Branding – The integration of technology to silhouettes reflective particles are adaptable in delivering one of a kind branding requirements that create unique USPs to a brand.

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