The Concept

Performance meets comfort; Silueta’s licensed technology of silicone and flock application assists the user to retain levels of optimum performance whilst providing comfort and support that amplifies the unique attributes of a light and versatile garment.

  • Built to last all day long
  • Facilitates breathability and comfort of wear to the user
  • Aesthetics and Branding
  • Engineered seamless power through the facilitation of 2-ply bonding between panels

How it Works

Through specialized flock application and bonding techniques, our licensed silicone-flock technology creates a soft-to-touch feel that doesn’t irritate the skin.


Functionality through Aesthetics – Through the application of a wide array of flock formulations, the silicone technology utilized satisfies both practical and visual-cues of the product.

Thermal Insulation – The combination of breathable and ultra-soft thermal fabric coupled with the all-new thermal flock, boosts heat regulation and comfort in cold conditions regardless of activity

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