The Concept

Performance through sleekness; the incorporation of silicone application onto fabric creates a significant consistency that aids in the development of a clean-cut garment. Thereby, enhancing comfort and reducing common problems of chaffing and fraying to emphasize a garments’ silhouette consistent to its design.

    • Comfortably lined gusset without seams for a second-skin-like feel
    • Velvet touch through the incorporation of silicone flocked seams for superior comfort
    • No visible panty lines
  • Allows for a clean-cut and smoother finish

How it Works

The silicone penetrates the fabric as well as on the surface of the fabric and seals the edges; once it is cut, it eliminates the need for stitched hems.


No seams, no stitches. The silicone flock application can be utilized to facilitate a next-to-skin appeal to products catering to lingerie, athleisure and sportswear market spaces.

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